A Travel Guide to Berlin, Germany

An Overview of Berlin Travel’s website

Berlin travel which has its website at berlintravelguide.net lets you into all the information you would need if you are currently planning on visiting the city. The ample portal has everything from hotel bookings, info on tourist attraction sites, car hires and flight information. The website’s homepage highlights three of Berlin most popular hotels, its most popular tourist attractions and museums. Just in case you are interested and of course you would be, the most popular Berlin Hotels as per Berlin Travel are Scandotel Castor, Midi Inn and Hotel Muggelsee Berlin.

One of the things which impress a first time visitor to the website is its lack of clutter. You won’t have problems trying to figure out where the section on hotel bookings is tucked or where to find information on tourist attractions. This is made possible by a minimalist design which draws a visitor’s attention to the websites most important sections. A pane on the left which plays the role of a link repository is divided into three sections. The first section has links which lead to general information about Berlin and will be useful if you intend to do a reconnaissance study on the city before visiting it.

The Bookings section comes second. It only four links which let you navigate to bookings for hotels, museums, attractions and tours. It is important to note that the pane on your left is omnipresent in that you can always view it irrespective of which page of the website you are browsing through. This makes it easier to navigate to a new page without necessarily going back to the homepage. The last section on the navigational pane highlights useful info on Berlin. The information is such as Working in Berlin which would be useful to people who plan to launch or move on with a career in the city.



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